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Ergonomic Mouse

Published December 28th, 2011 in Tech | Comments Off

Putting in as much time on computers as most of us do it really makes a difference when you’re not in pain. People may think that computer work is “easy” or doesn’t take a toll on the body, but it most certainly does. Sitting for long periods, computer eye fatigue, and of course the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome are all things a designer (or anyone who works at the computer long hours) can fall victim to. Over the years I’ve personally used just about every sort of mouse that’s come out on the market. Up until last year I never found one that really worked for me. It was always they were too high, or too clunky, or a myriad of other things that would cause me to stop using them within a couple weeks and move on to the next. I’ve even tried using my Wacom tablet as an input device and that didn’t work well for me either.

And then the magic happened …

I do admit I like a lot of Apple products so when the Magic Mouse came out I was still using the previous incarnation of Apple mice but slowly growing tired of its tiny little top button that had a tendency to stop working after awhile. So earlier in the year I spent the $69 and ordered one. One thing I can always say about Apple is that they do improve on products. Usually they get things pretty right the first time but in some instances they make these little improvements that really make a difference (I could go on a tangent about their old “lint catcher” keyboards vs. the new slim ones, but I wont!). So naturally the big improvement with the Magic mouse was ditching the notion of having any sort of traditional buttons on it. Instead, they’ve incorporated their “Multi-Touch” technology (same as iPhone). I could go on and on about how cool that is. And of course you can set it up the way you want it. As far as ergonomics go, the thing is barely noticeable under your hand. The shape is pretty perfect and the slimness means your wrist isn’t bent in any kind of awkward position. Seriously the only thing I can find “wrong” with it is that it eats batteries. The fix for that is to just go rechargeable on that front.

Why Magic Mouse rocks for designers …

I fully believe that part of ergonomics is if a product can also make your tasks more efficient with the least amount of struggle possible. I’ve had mice in the past where the technology was actually a hinderance rather than a help. Clunky roller balls are one thing that comes to mind. Well, if you’re looking for speed and efficiency, Magic Mouse will hook you up. For instance, if you’ve got a Photoshop file open you can zip through scrolling, clicking, and enlarging all with the touch of your finger. When transitioning from the previous Apple mouse it did seem a little “touchy” but I definitely wouldn’t give it up now (and really, by the end of using it for 1 day I was a convert).
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