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Sites still using flash and rockin’ it!

Published May 15th, 2011 in All About Web & Graphic Design | 3 Comments »

Between JQuery and HTML, our old friend for animation on the web, Flash, has been feeling pretty neglected lately. While we do think it’s a good thing that there are some alternatives for adding a little movement on the web, and less people are using it inappropriately, there are still a number of instances where Flash could be exactly what your site needs.


Flash deign for children's websites

Why it rocks: look at their target market … little kids (and big kids!). The animation helps to pull the viewer in … it’s reactive and fun and really fits Lego’s whole brand.


Flash for interactive ecommerce

Why it rocks: The whole site contains Flash animation but where it really works out and goes beyond eye-candy and eye-catching marketing is on their custom shoe creator. I can’t really see pulling this off in such a smooth, easy-to-use interface using anything but Flash.


Flash design for movie and entertainment websites

Why it rocks: well first of off it’s a Conan movie, so I’m stoked! But that aside, movie sites are what I always considered the perfect place to utilize flash. The target market of viewers expects the, “wow factor” and the interactivity. Utilizing flash pulls the viewer in.


Flash for entertainment promotion websites

Why it rocks: just like the movie websites, other forms of visual entertainment can utilize Flash as part of their overall marketing. Infinite OZ was a site created as part of the promotion for SyFy mini-series, Tin Man. It’s totally something that’s completely interactive and a visual experience – and the marketers I’m sure hope that it will get people interested in wanting to watch the mini-series.


Flash design for video game websites

Why it rocks: like movies and tv and even the music industry, video game sites are where Flash animation can be your friend again. I would say the market here also expects it. The transitions on this site are pretty nice.


Flash for interactive microsites

Why it works: it’s fun and creative and the whole point of these “microsites” it to be memorable and get the consumer excited and interested in buying the product. Flash can work great with these types of promotions to provide a memorable experience for the viewer.

Honorable mentions…

There are other occasions where Flash might add just a little something unexpected, interesting or entertaining. Take for instance the orange tree at the top of our own home page.

Remember, you can utilize Flash on a website where it’s appropriate and will actually add to the user experience. Avoid animation without a purpose!

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Sherry Holub

Sherry Holub

Creative Director at JVM Design
Choosing design as a profession was easy with a heavy background in creative pursuits and an art degree, but Sherry's also been a writer for many years and has had works published in print as well as online. Besides art and design, Sherry also likes comic books, owls, kitsch, muscle cars, sci-fi, archaeology, rabbits, photography, natural health, octopuses, qi gong, the ocean, cats, and many other fun things.

3 Responses to “Sites still using flash and rockin’ it!”

  1. Some of the graphics and animation used above are absolutely jaw dropping!! Many thanks for sharing!

  2. Ann says:

    The sites above are fabulous, that’s for sure! And Flash is how you make a site like that these days.

    But I use my iPad quite a bit. It’s my exclusive internet access when I travel, when I work out – any time I’m away from my office.

    When I visit a site like those above and I’m locked out of the cool features, I’m disappointed. My disappointment is not entirely rational and fair, I know, but it’s real. I feel like I’m locked out of the fun.

    And my disappointment is with the website and its underlying brand, not with my iPad.

    I’m looking forward to the time when the coolest websites are developed to include iPad users. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

  3. Debjani says:

    In reality flash design is a powerful tool for web communication and it combines different multimedia tools such as sound, video, animation and interaction. Sometimes we can feel that in spite of using different words and phrases it becomes quite difficult for us to express our thoughts. In such a situation flash design can really prove to be useful.