More Examples of Illustration in Vintage Album Covers

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Designers get their inspiration from all around them. I am always on the look out for interesting things that might spark some inspiration. I also frequent thrift stores, where decades of discarded items wind up. I used to collect records (still have a sizable collection from techno to exotica) but rarely find anything I need to own any more. But I do always sift through what they’ve got just to see the covers. Without further adieu, here are 10 gems I found …

I just liked the creativity here along with the simplicity and use of color.

This one reminded me of 70’s style. The artist definitely put a lot of work into it. I liked that it was no frills too. Just blue on a white album

I like this style of illustration and also the colors. Those two colors can be hard to pull off together and you never really think of orange
and pink for classical music. Bold.

This one was almost psychedelic in use of color. The style overall is interesting as well.

I see a lot of designers try to pull off this style now. Yet another classic album with a kind of nutty cover when it comes right down to it. It
was one of my favs from the lot.

This is another one of my favs from the lot. Always liked that movie plus the illustration on this is pretty awesome. Love the colors too.

This one is so odd. It’s really just a sketch on a white album cover. It was a gatefold too (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it means the album itself opened up and doubled in size) and the sketch continued on the back.

Kind of like Bach on an acid trip?

Beethoven put a bird on it. Seriously though, I like that it’s a cut out of a bird with the illustration confined to the insides of it. Creative.

Love the style of this. Totally artistic.

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One Response to “More Examples of Illustration in Vintage Album Covers”

  1. Alea says:

    I love designs like these. I have a small collection too… that got started when I accidentally found my mom’s old stationery from the 60s.