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Why your newly launched website isn’t being found.

Published May 10th, 2011 in Business, Helpful Info & Tutorials, Marketing | Comments Off

Just because a website is “launched” on the web, doesn’t mean you’ll be rocketed up to #1 in Google! This is why search engine optimization companies will charge you thousands of dollars to run campaigns for you. Even still, this is marketing we’re talking about and there are no hard guarantees that campaigns will be a success and get you tons of new customers. So, what is a small business that doesn’t have thousands for monthly marketing campaigns to do? This is a question I answer all the time for our clients. While the search engines and directories (Yahoo is a directory, Google is a search engine) have tons of criteria they use to rank sites, there are a number of, “tried and true” tactics that don’t cost an arm and a leg and will help people find your site. 1) Make sure you have title, meta and alt tags that are search-related (having key phrases or words you believe people would use to find your website). This we often do for our clients just as a courtesy. The client can provide specific terms they want to include on each page or we can create those based on our experience with doing this sort of thing. 2) Add an xml sitemap to your site. This is also something we do for clients. An xml sitemap is something that search engine robots “read” in order to index all the pages on your site. 2) Run a small Google Adwords campaign. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly to bring in some targeted traffic to your site. And Adwords still seems to be the fastest way to get your site into Google. The main issue with running a campaign is that it will take time to go through the Adwords “training” on the Google site, figure out your initial key phrases, set up the campaigns, set up your budget and then admin to the campaigns for several months to see which phrases are doing the best for you. Over time though it can really pay off and get you some great targeted customers. 3) Set up Google Analytics to see your sources of traffic, what pages are the most popular, etc. It’s free to sign up at Once set up, you can log into the Analytics site and see some very useful stats about traffic and visitors. 4) Use social media. Get Facebook and Twitter running and start interacting with people. This is another thing that, over time, can really help your overall online marketing. 5) Blogging. This can still really effect your “natural” (natural, meaning you didn’t do any pay-per-click with Google Adwords, etc.) search engine and directory listings over time. When you start posting articles to your site that contain some of the key phrases that your customers might search for these pages get indexed over time. All of these tips will not cost you thousands of dollars if you do them on your own but it is important to remember that they take time to be effective. And of course the other option is that we can always assist our clients with their online marketing needs! If you would like a professional to help your website get found, I recommend contacting our SEO partner, Time For Cake >
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